Wavy Slide Module

The marbles mesmerize you as they slowly roll down the wavy path. This module was designed by a fellow buyer/designer Luke H.

This prints in one piece and does not require any supports. The supports for the path are all built into the aesthetic of the model.

Check the documentation on how to print the module in two colors.

You are buying a digital STL file available to download immediately after purchasing. You will need a 3D printer to print it. This module fits all of our marble machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Colin Gross
Printed on: Ender 3 Pro
Filaments used: PLA
Prints fail

Sadly I can't get this to print. I'm using a "stock" Ender 3 Pro and Prusaslicer to print with PLA but after multiple attempts with many different print temperatures, print speeds, infills, and layer heights the tips of the overhangs always curve upwards and eventually the print nozzle knocks over the pillars breaking them off the base. None of my attempts have got above the 46mm level.
Maybe it's because I'm new to 3d printing (only the bucket lift and two other modules printed so far) that I can't get this to work, but from an engineering design perspective having pillars with a base of about 10mm x 3mm and large overhangs up to 125mm above the base is a recipe for disaster. To me it looks like aesthetics taking precedence to sound engineering design. Enlarging the base dimensions of the pillars and bracing them more often to each other or the track would make sound engineering sense.
Give the design a try if you like as it looks great, and if you find settings for an Ender 3 Pro and PLA that work maybe they could be made available from this website.

Printed on: Prusa MK3s
Filaments used: Spool 3d rainbow silk pla, Black Gold and White pla
Very enjoyable print

Prints nice and looks good.

Andrea Dalmonech
Printed on: Creality cr10s
Filaments used: Pla
I love it

Really nice design, easy to print

Printed on: Ender 5 Pro
Filaments used: Paramount Ivory
Wavy slide print is a winner!!

Print was flawless and fits perfectly on all Out of Marble machine bases. Very interesting model with an exceptionally long travel path that is hypnotic when multiple marbles are on the track. Lots of fun.

Somodi Sándor
Printed on: ender 3
Filaments used: eryone ultra silk

I like it, that's why I bought it. The printing went smoothly as well.