Bundle Marble Machines + Modules STL

This bundle contains instant digital download STL files to all of our marble machines and modules for a 20% reduced price. It includes all the designs from our website.


You will also need to source Hardware, or purchase our ready to go Hardware Kits, so you don't have to worry about marbles, motors, etc... If you want to source your own hardware, look under the hardware tab.


Bundle contains all STL files up to the moment when you purchased it. You will get FREE access to lifetime updates for those files and you will receive a 20% discount code that is valid for 1 year on all new STL releases.

The price of the bundle increases with each design being added, so with this discount code you can purchase any new releases separately and still get a lower price as if they were in a bundle.

You will need a 3D printer to print with a minimum bed size of 200x200x200mm.


You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.



All Marble Machines:

The Bucket Lift | 1 Module 
The Bucket Tower | 2-7 Modules
The Double Screw | 2 Modules
The Stairs | 1 Module
The Two Wheeler | 3 Modules
The Spiral | MONO | STL

All Modules:

Triple Twister Module
Vortex Module
3 Funnels Module
Brains Module
Bridges Module
Donkey King Module
Loop The Loop Module
Pachinko Module
Ring Of Fire Module
Skatepark Module
Spiralicious Module
Big Flusher Module
Wavy Slide Module
Funnel Module - Out Of Marbles Funnel Module
Multi Mania Module - Out Of Marbles Multi Mania Module
Twin Tracks Module

Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed.


    Extensive assembly instructions can be found here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Printed on: Prusa Mk3S
    Filaments used: Whanao
    The best thing you'll print :)

    J'ai pris le package : pour encourager Lukas dans sa démarche et aussi pour voir de près tous les marble possible !!

    Printed on: Creality Sermoon D1
    Filaments used: eSun PLA+
    A great idea and first class modelling!

    I bought the full set and was not disappointed. Everything printed wonderfully, everything fitted together immediately without any rework. The function is great! The marbles run very well and don't fall out either. The construction of the models is first class and extremely well thought out. I could imagine that the designer is also able to construct a roller coaster ;)

    Printed on: Prusa Bear mk2s, with e3d revo
    Filaments used: Various PLAs
    Excellent Design

    Excellent design, just started on the new two wheeler, now got to decide which modules to make for it. But I’m sure I will end up making them all.

    C Rijks
    Printed on: Snapmaker 2.0
    Filaments used: Filaflow

    My grandson likes to play with it for hours.

    Printed on: Prusa MK3s+
    Filaments used: eSun
    Wow, What a set of machines.

    High qualtity easy to use files. Printed perfectly on my prusa. Kids loved them and there where lots of fun to watch.