The Bucket Tower | Assembled

Overwhelmed and need a distraction from your busy workday?

This 3D printed marble machine is exactly what you’re looking for! It comes partially assembled so it is ready to go in minutes.


On this marble machine you can place many different interchangeable models so you will never get bored of watching the marbles go around the track as there are always new paths and patterns for them to travel.

Now you can give your mind a break from your hectic life and take a couple of minutes to just relax.


This 3D printed marble machine run also makes the perfect gift to give to your family or friends.


A few quick facts:
-Length 180mm  | 7 Inches
-Width  180mm  | 7 Inches
-Height  107cm at 6 Levels stacked  | 42 Inches
-Marble Size 7.14mm| 9/32”
-Incl. 50 steel marbles!

What is included:
-3D printed marble machine
-2x AA Batteries
-50x Marbles


If the color you want is not in the options just ask, I will be constantly adding new colors.
I have limited stock so depending on the number of orders it might be made to order, our processing time for that is currently 5 working days.

Available Colors:

Alternatively, you can select any color from this list here. In an event that we need to order that color, then the processing time will be 1-2 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent design, taking care of all dimensions and proportions. All printed pieces fit like a shoe.
Congratulations. I got the free model just to try. Now, I can not stop. I will buy the two wheeler, looks awesome.
Printed with Ender 3 v2. 15% infill as recommended.
Parts like switch and N20 motor fits excellent. And very important, the chain. Should be printed normal and some pieces must be printed in 102% as mentioned in the guide to avoid very tight chain. Easy printing and assembly. If the motor is rated at 3 volts with 30 RPM's, consider use only 1,5 volts to get 15 rpm's which is the optimum.