Modules - Assembled

Do you already have our marble machine and wish to purchase additional modules? Here you can do so.

Modules will come assembled unless they are too fragile to ship assembled, like "Ring Of Fire". In that case, you will receive superglue to easily assemble it yourself, following our guide.

Customer Reviews

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Diane Mickley
Best marble roll ever

My grandson and I are passionate marble people.
This is hands down the best ever. The two wheels
and 3 modules, with internal direction changers, create
multiple patterns, and the ability to switch off with other
modules allows infinite permutations. The wonderful
color options are an added bonus and the modules are
not only diverse and interesting, but cleverly named.
We got quick and helpful advice from email inquiries, and
once we ordered the units were made and sent quickley.
We consider this one of our all time best toy discoveries,
for children and adults.