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Hardware Kit

For Which Marble Machine?

This is a Complete Hardware Kit for our Marble Machines. It will come in handy if you do not want to source the parts yourself. 
While we ship the critical parts, you will 3D print the rest of the product.

Please select the appropriate kit version for the design that you are 3D printing. One includes M3 fasteners and the other doesn't. You need one kit per marble machine.

All our components are plug and play - no electronics knowledge or soldering needed! (Watch the video and at 20 seconds you can see how easy it is to connect the motor)


It comes with everything required to assemble the machine:

  • 50x (7.144 mm | 9/32 inch) Marbles 
  • 1x   Motor
  • 1x   Battery holder
  • 1x   On/Off Switch
  • Nuts & Bolts & Allen key 
  • Super Glue

NOT included

  • 2x   AA Batteries

If you would like to source your own parts, click here for DIY hardware kit parts list 


The kit can look slightly different as on pictures. Functionality remains the same. When ordering multiple kits, you might receive fewer superglues due to size constraints in the packages.


There are two locations that we ship hardware kits from.

To the US and Canada, we ship from USA, Tennessee.
We ship tracked with USPS and delivery times are usually under 1 week.

To the EU and the rest of the world, we ship from Slovenia in EU, and you have two shipping options:

  • Non tracked  (example: 1-2 weeks for EU)
  • Tracked    (example: 1-2 weeks for EU)

We ship Worldwide and we try to ship the next working day!


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Rod Lewini

I have always been a big fan of marble type devices, I am so impressed with all the marble machines I have them all and printed all but the tower (yet).
I also got the hardware kits because it is so much easier than finding the parts yourself.
I have to admit to stalking the website waiting for the next machine to pop up.

Jack Stewart
Great 3D Printing

I have printed 4 different models so far, a few hiccups but Luka looked after them as soon as I contacted him. The hardware kit works great, no soldering and simply plug & play. Luka has done a lot of trial & error on these models ad is evident in the finished product. Will be printing more in the future. Thanks from Canada, Muskoka Ontario. Video is the brains model, I added more buckets on the lift so it looks real crazy when running.

Alexander Sparks

Kit showed up in 3 weeks, and everything worked without issues. I took the recommendation of starting at 3 levels, but by the time the kit arrived I had already built 5! Do your self a favor and buy the mega pack for all the modules and machines, because I’m already up to 7 individually! Would totally recommend for anybody who loves printing / model making / mechatronics stuff.

Graham Barnes
Great hardware

Got the kits delivered quickly and perfectly packaged. Easy to assemble and worked perfectly. Thank you


Ordered two hardware kits for the tower and double wheel. Both collections arrived very well packaged and look great. I'm waiting for some filament then I'll get to printing. Thanks for making it easy to get the necessary hardware!