Bucket Tower | Marble Machine STL

Files were majorly overhauled on 30th of December 2021 and are now better than ever! Happy 3D printing!

You are buying digital STL files available for download immediately after the purchase. You will need a 3D printer to print with a minimum print size of 180x180x180 mm. Yes, it can be printed on Prusa Mini by disabling the skirt.
G-codes for Prusa printers are also provided in the files!

The price is for the two base machines, you also need to add a minimum of 2 modules to the cart, unless you already have them. All of the modules are interchangeable between the machines. You can also get a free marble machine module here.

You are getting two versions. The first is motorized and the second is hand-cranked. You can print just one of them or both if you would like. For the motorized version, you will need a hardware kit and for the hand-cranked version, you will only need the marbles. The kids absolutely love the hand-cranked version, since it is more intractable!

This Marble Machine is unique in the sense that you can stack many levels on top of each other. Go as high or as low as you want!

You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.

Length 180mm  | 7 Inches
Width 180mm  | 7 Inches
Height 107cm at 6 Levels stacked  | 42 Inches
Marble Size 7.14mm| 9/32”
Motor N20 DC 3V, 15 RPM
Printer Bed Dimensions 180x180x180 mm


Here you can find the amount in grams of primary color, accent color and the height of the tower. (weight listed is without modules and by using 10% infill)
The base is 195 mm (7.67 inch) tall. Each middle level adds 172 mm (6.77 inch) and the top is 162 mm (6.37 inch) tall.

All values are approximate.

 Level Primary color Accent color Height
1 195g 52g 195 mm    | 7.6 inch
2 385g
357 mm    | 14 inch
3 575g 114g 529 mm    | 20.8 inch
4 765g 145g 701 mm    | 27.6 inch
5 955g
176g 873 mm    | 34.3 inch
6 1145g 207g 1045 mm  | 41.1 inch
7 1335g 238g 1217 mm  | 47.9 inch
  • Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed.

Assembly Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jacques Dupuis
Printed on: Bambu x1c
Filaments used: GST3D pla+
Top Model

Very funny to Print and to See it running

Peter Rue
Printed on: Creality Ender 6
Filaments used: eSun PLA+
Not made it yet but.......

I have made the two wheeler which works perfectly. Obviously there are bits of post-printing work to be done but well worth the effort. I did have an issue with the tipper which I printed as instructed with 100% infill. The weight of the 4 marbles was not sufficient to tip and I had to drill out the tipper counter weight.

Overall, I am very impressed with the two wheeler and am now starting to print the bucket tower.

The idea of being able to change the modules is very cleaver and I look forward to seeing different modules becoming available.

I believe that Luka is promising a "bigger, better and brighter" design and I am looking forward to seeing that

Frank Hermes
Printed on: Crality Ender-3 S1 Pro
Filaments used: SUNLU PLA (210/65)
Newbie, but impressed...

To be fair, I am new to 3D printing and still in steep learning curve...this product though is good for me to be learning on since it requires a few different approaches to getting good output...most importantly, using the test print for proper hole sizing to mate parts was crucial...the other was employing adaptive layers...I have so far seen a few places where the marbles tend to stick along the path - in one instance I used some silicone lube to help things along, for others, I thin I will need to sand the path a bit...still just getting the modules together to assemble into a tower, so so far have not had to install and adjust chain - will report back on that in a bit...I added some LED lighting to the module that will be on the bottom of the tower and I printed that with clear PLA so hopefully that will look good - would be nice if the posts on one side of the braces were set up as a conduit to carry some lighting wiring up to higher module layers - maybe when I learn more I can implement myself...so far, been a fun, though at times a bit frustrating project!

brett Wright
Printed on: Ender 3 v2
Excellent files

Had alot of fun with these

Somodi Sándor
Printed on: Ender 3
Filaments used: ERYONE SILK PLA

Have you not thought about your professional existence that such a long chain has weight and swings so far? A driver or a chain tensioner would come in handy.