Two Wheeler | Marble Machine STL

Files were just updated on 1st of July 2022 and are now better than ever!

You are buying digital STL files available for download immediately.

You will need a 3D printer with a minimum bed size of 200x200x185mm.

G-codes for Prusa printers are also provided in the files!


The price is for the base machine only, (as seen in the 2nd picture), you also need to add a minimum of 3 modules to the cart. All of the modules are interchangeable between the machines.


I also sell a Fully Assembled 3D Printed version here.


You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.

Length 450mm |17.7”
Width 200mm | 7.9”
Height 203mm | 8”
Marble Size 7.14mm | 9/32”
Motor N20 DC 3V, 15 RPM
Printing Time 34 hours
Base Color Consumption 484 grams
Accessory Color Consumption 151 grams
Printer Bed Dimensions 200x200x185 mm
Filament Used
Fillamentum PLA Extrafill


Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed.


Extensive assembly instructions can be found here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Glenn Shick
Printed on: Bambu X1C
Filaments used: PLA
Great Product

This printed out fine for me. All parts fit and worked smoothly. I had printed other Modules from Out of Marbles and they also worked great. This was well worth the price and I wanted to pay for the work done on these units. I bought the hardware for Amazon. I did add weight to the left flipper as it would not drop with 100% in fill. It now drops with 3 marbles.

Harvey Farkwad
Printed on: Artillery Sidewinder X2
Filaments used: Hatchbox

The two wheeler is a bit more difficult to print and make work than the others I've printed. The two issues I had were: 1. The marbles falling out between the wheels and the guard rail, and 2. the path needs to be perfect for the marbles to roll to where they should. On point 1. I fixed the problem by creating a spacer to go on the pin supporting the wheels. This moved the wheel closer to the guard rail and it solved that problem. On point 2. I was having a bit of a problem getting the long path across the top to print correctly so the marbles would roll to where they were supposed to go. I solved this problem by downloading the PrusaSlicer and using it to slice the files. I'm not sure if that was correct way to fix this, but it worked and now The Two Wheeler works perfectly!

Nikola Trapchev
Do not like it

Needlessly high tolerances, parts that do not fit well, price that does not include everything needed. Actually I'm not sure if I will have the nerves to finish it.

Bruce Milyko
Printed on: Bambu X-1 Carbon
Filaments used: turnerPlastic
Fun to use

I had to make adjustments to all the 'flippers' to make them work. the one in the center, had to have the post and hole sanded down a LOT to get it to work properly. I had to reduce the infill on both the other flippers. but once all the adjustments were made, it works flawlessly

Martin Underhill
Printed on: Perusa
Filaments used: ESun PLA+

I printed this for my grandchildren to play with at Christmas, but I keep playing with it. 😎😎