Double Screw | Marble Machine STL

Files were just updated on 24th of December and are now better than ever! Happy printing.

You are buying digital STL files available for download immediately after the purchase. You will need a 3D printer to print with a minimum print size of 200x200x200mm (x,y,z)

G-codes for Prusa printers are also provided in the files!


Price is for the base machine only, you also need to add a minimum of 2 modules to the cart, unless you already have them. All of the modules are interchangeable between the machines.



Overwhelmed and need a distraction from your busy workday? This 3D printed marble machine is exactly what you’re looking for!


This marble machine comes in many different interchangeable models so you will never get bored of watching the marbles go around the track as there are always new paths and patterns for them to travel.


Now you can give your mind a break from your hectic life and take a couple of minutes to just relax.


This 3D printed marble machine run also makes the perfect gift to give to your family or friends.

You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.

Length -
Width -
Height -
Marble Size 7.14mm | 9/32”
Motor N20 DC 3V, 15 RPM
Printing Time 22 Hours
Base Color Consumption -
Accessory Color Consumption -
Printer Bed Dimensions 200x200x200 mm
Filament Used
Fillamentum PLA Extrafill

Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed.


Assembly Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Printed on: P1S Bambulab
Filaments used: JAYO PLA+ and Duramic PLA+
Fun to assemble, no issues

Works like a dream. Impresses a lot of people

Anthony Dowling
Printed on: Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo
Filaments used: Overture PLA Pro
As always, quality files

Bought a couple of bits from here & they are always quality files. I think I need a bigger, faster printer now 😂 Tech support is quick to answer if you have an issue & advice always greatly received.

Adrian Harris
Printed on: Ender 3 v2, BIQU BX
Filaments used: Red & Black pla
Excellent machine

Easy print, works good I did have some fitment issues but I printed parts on two machines before realising the tolerances would be different. Looking forward to printing the rest 😊

Maurilio Fiorito
Printed on: Elegoo Neptune Saturn 2 with dryer
Filaments used: PLA Sunlu

Very amazing, but I prefer the ring of fire at pachinko, it's more spectacular

z g
Printed on: prusa
thanks love it

thanks love it