Bucket Lift | Marble Machine STL

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You can also purchase Hardware Kit, so you don't have to worry about marbles, motors, etc...


You will need a 3D printer to print with a minimum bed size of 180x180x180mm. Yes, it can be printed on Prusa Mini by disabling the skirt.

G-codes for Prusa printers are also provided in the files!


All of the modules on our website are interchangeable between all of the machines.

You are getting two versions. The first is motorized and the second is hand-cranked. You can print just one of them or both if you would like. For the motorized version, you will need a hardware kit and for the hand-cranked version, you will only need the marbles. The kids absolutely love the hand-cranked version, since it is more intractable!

We also sell Fully Assembled Bucket Lift.

You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.



Length 180mm 
Width 180mm 
Height 180mm 
Marble Size 7.14mm| 9/32”
Motor N20, 15 - 60 RPM (15RPM shown in video)
Printing Time 19 Hours
Printer Bed Dimensions 180x180x180 mm
Filament Used


Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed.


    Extensive assembly instructions can be found here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Dave Crabbe
    Printed on: Prusa MK3s+
    Filaments used: PLA (eryone)

    5 starts for making this free. Only problem I had was that the chain does need to be tight or it gets caught where the marbles enter. But taking the top off after putting one on is impossible. The layer lines act as velcro. I'd prefer a mechanical tightening system that used a screw/nut. I can see you want all plastic.. but I think some judicous metal will make the models last much longer. https://youtube.com/shorts/gey4UPcToms (your form won't accept this link)

    John Sullivan
    Printed on: CR-10 Smart
    Filaments used: PLA
    made my father very happy

    Quite a conversation piece, visitors love it! Keeps my father amused for hours on end sitting in the sun. Now he wants me to print more

    Brett Smith
    Printed on: Prusa Mini+
    Me and the kids love it!

    Took a little bit of leg work on my part to get it all setup correctly, but now it works great!

    Printed on: Ender 5 Plus
    Filaments used: Hatchbox PLA
    Good product

    Bought. Printed. Assembled. And marbled. Fantastic print.

    Szilveszer Zsolt
    Printed on: Prusa MK3S+
    Filaments used: PLA

    Nice project :)