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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you power your marble machines?

What voltage do marble machines run on & can I slow it down?

Are these machines safe for my child?

How long does the marble machine run for?

Am I able to connect multiple marble machines together?

How do I get notified when new Marble machine designs are released?

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

How do you protect my personal information?

Do you have a referral program?

Caring For Your Marble Machine

Where should I place my marble machine?


Where is Out Of Marbles based?

Do you sell to countries outside of the Netherlands?

I don't live in the European Union. Will I be charged with import tax / VAT ?


How to use .3mf files and why are they not .STL?

Printing area is too small

Calibrating your printer to print marble machines "perfectly"

Which colors and brand of filament do we use?

How To Use The Supplied GCODE Files

Bucket Lift & Bucket Tower

Chain is loose or binding or not running smoothly

Two Wheeler

Path to tipper does not align up

Tipper doesn't function properly

The pins/pegs broke

Double Screw

Marbles escape behind the screws

Triple Twister

What to do if marbles fly out of the triple twister?


The Two Wheeler - Changelog

The Double Screw - Changelog

The Bucket Lift Manual - Changelog

3 Funnels - Changelog

Brains - Changelog

Bridges - Changelog

Donkey King - Changelog

Loop The Loop - Changelog

Pachinko - Changelog

Ring Of Fire - Changelog

Spiralicious - Changelog

Triple Twister - Changelog

Vortex - Changelog

Hardware Kits

I want to source hardware on my own, what do I need?

Can I use different speed (RPM) or voltage (V) motor?