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About Us

Hello everyone,

I'm Luka, 29 years old and I am behind the Out Of Marbles brand. Sometimes my wife also jumps in when we need to do photo shoots or test some new marble tracks or brainstorm about ideas for new designs :)

I did a computer science major and 90% of my time I spent on computer... This is true ever since the times when we had to unplug phone lines to go online :)
I also love to do stuff with my hand, to make something physical, for example: I renovated two of my apartments so far.

And 3D printing is in essence making something out of scratch, and of course being on computer because you need to design what you make :)  So this was a natural progression for me.

When i was a boy, I used to love toys. (Duhh, who didn't?:) )
I remember being in love with those plastic marble tracks that you can buy in the stores and make modular marble tracks with them, and then drop the marbles at the top and watch them go down.

I was born in 1991 in Slovenia which is located in Europe, and was at that time part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Two months after my birth, there was a brief war for independence. Times were not easy back then so we could never afford any marble run toys, so I just played with a bag of marbles instead :)

Fast forward a few years... In 2018 my GF (now wife) got a job offer in the Netherlands that we couldn't pass up on, so we got married on two weeks notice and moved here :)
I always wanted to be my own boss so it was only a matter of time before I start a real company... I had a ton of ideas, but in the end, I decided that I want to play with marbles...

I bought Chinese Anet A8, printer for 120€, just to dip my toes into it, if i will like it or not. Well needless to say, I liked it, and then i went on and designed my first small marble machine, that was hand operated, and it was free. I wanted to see what people would think, and if its something that I can do and find interesting. Here is a link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3160563

After some great feedback, I went on to design "The Two Wheeler" Marble Machine. It took me a year of on/off modelling, and I was also learning Fusion 360 at the same time (program which I 3D model in and its free to use).

The rest is history and here we are today.