The Spiral | MONO | STL

Files were just updated on 13th of January 2022 and are now better than ever! The files now also include hand cranked version!


You can also purchase Hardware Kit, so you don't have to worry about marbles, motors, etc...


You will need a 3D printer to print with a minimum bed size of 180x180x180mm. Yes, it can be printed on Prusa Mini.


This is what I call, a mono marble machine. It will not connect with any of the interchangeable modules from the rest of our offering. It is a standalone or in other words a mono marble machine.


This lifting mechanism is a first stage of the bigger marble machine and I had to test it thoroughly before I put it into a bigger one.

The reason that it is not compatible with interchangeable modules is because it only lifts marbles up by 8cm, and the modules need at least 14cm of lift.

We also sell Fully Assembled Spiral, contact us for more information.

You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.



Length 232mm 
Width 58mm 
Height 192mm 
Marble Size 7.14mm| 9/32”
Motor N20, 15 - 60 RPM (15RPM shown in video)
Printing Time 19 Hours
Printer Bed Dimensions 180x180x180 mm
Filament Used


Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed.


    Extensive assembly instructions can be found here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Tim Lindsey
    great project

    Easy to print. I found that the battery holder doesn't fit the place designed for it and the switch blocks putting in the batteries it seams that the file I printed is different than the one pictured .

    Trevor Chadwick
    Excellent, and free too....

    Trouble free print, and good results. I prefer the spiral module provided, as the zig-zag module can jam up very occasionally

    Stephen Leaver
    Nice marble run !!

    Although nice this revised Design is not what is shown in the assembly instructions, unless I missed the update somewhere ?
    The battery box and switch have been changed to allow different side attachments of cup escape or a zig zag run type.

    nathan morrison
    Can’t wait

    I saw this and just had to have it!! Just waiting on some nice filament so I can get this printed and be mesmerised for a while!

    Spiral has potential for a bigger machine?

    Easy build like all the rest. A bit of a fluctuation in the D hole for motor causing a some wobble. Added a couple layers to top to give a bit more of a hypnotic appearance. Done with a single extruder.