Twin Tracks Module

No supports are needed, they are modeled in through the pillars. It is a single STL and you will have to do a color change inside of Prusaslicer or Cura and change the color mid print.

The marbles first enter a halfpipe where they leave by one of the two paths and descend down to the cross junction. They cross the junction and continue further to the funnel where they roll around for a while until exiting the module.

This module was designed by a fellow buyer/designer Luke H.


You are buying digital STL file available to download immediately after purchasing. You will need a 3D printer (13*13*13cm) to print it. This module fits on all of our marble machines that take modules.

The files are in STL format.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Printed on: P1S Bambulab
Filaments used: Zyltech Sunset Serenade
Looks Great

Beautiful design. Printed without supports. I would advise very fine layer heights as with .2 it doesn't flow well. The manual recommends smaller layer heights on the funnel area only, but i would do it for the whole thing. I would say the documentation needs updated accordingly.

Bruce Milyko
Printed on: Bambu X-1 Carbon
Filaments used: turnerPlastic
needs work

It printed fine, but trying to use it some of the paths were not steep enough and the marbles kept getting stuck.

Helmuth Griniunas
Printed on: Ender 5 Plus
Filaments used: ESUN PLA+
Love it

printed perfectly

Printed on: Sunlu S9 Plus
Filaments used: Standard PLA
Very good

Very nice. I had some printing problems, I didn't understand if wet filament or anything else. Printing stops many times, the piece splits into layers and breaks. I repeat the print with a different coil, the same. I do the printer reset, repeat the adjustments and finally start again and get to the bottom. To try to bind the material better I increased temperature and reduced speed to 50. mm/s. The only problem, the finish is coarse and the marbles do not flow well. Done a thorough retouching with small grinding wheels for the nails and putting talc at the point where the marbles split into the path, the talc is distributed and runs better.

Steven Gadoury
Printed on: Ender 3 Pro
Filaments used: Inland PLA
Crazy Track

This is a really great track with lots going on at all times. It was a little tough to print since I missed the color change required comment, but I made it work.