Skatepark Module

The marbles first go down the path towards the flip flop, where they can take two routes. First one takes them to the halfpipe, where they drop from the top of the ramp and roll down doing a couple of cool looking tricks!

The second path takes them through some stairs where they can slowly grind their way down!


You are buying digital STL file available to download immediately after purchasing. You will need a 3D printer (13*13*13cm) to print it. This module fits on all of our marble machines.


The files are in .3mf format. Upon request we can send you STL format. Read here why.

Customer Reviews

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Glenn Shick
Printed on: Bambu X1C
Filaments used: PLA
Nice module

I like this one. Sometimes the drop into the half pike just bounces in the middle, instead of rolling in the pike.

Bruce Milyko
Printed on: Bambu X-1 Carbon
Filaments used: turnerPlastic
Needs work

Printed fine and runs well most of the time. When the toggle directs the marble to the left the marble pops out too often for liking. I' not sure how to fix this

Dave Crabbe
Printed on: Prusa MK3s+
Filaments used: PLA (eryone)
Good, but needs a mod or two for reliability

I modified the upper path. The peg broke off holding the 2-way switch. I'd prefer all pegs (even those key pegs that register modules on the base) be metal. Too hard to repair and they have zero sheer strength, so a tap breaks them. I redid the STL and supported the 2-way switch with an M3 screw and nyloc nut. The path just to the right of this also trapped marbles so I made that short section totally level. This made both those problem sections pretty consistent. I still have some marbles get stuck on top of blue box in near right corner (as you are looking at it) and the green 'pipe' against the near edge of the exit. But generally pretty good. I can see not wanting to give out STEP files, but sometimes nice to modify something to provide a fix.. The STL took forever to mod.. Down below won't accept this link as a YouTube vid.. It's a 'short'. (need to fix your review template).

Maurilio Fiorito
Printed on: Elegoo Neptune 2S
Filaments used: PLA
Nice but

Nice, nice with a problem. I believe because of the low weight of the marbles, they accumulate in the spiral descent and 2 spheres in contiguous planes prevent him from making the curve and descending.However, this is more common in modules with continuous flux of marbles.

Printed on: Prusa mk3s+
Filaments used: Smartmaterials reciclado rojo y gris
Muy bonito

Módulo muy bonito y elegante