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Donkey King Module

Watch the marbles go down the module inspired by legendary donkey kong arcade game from the 80's.


You are buying digital STL file available to download immediately after purchasing. You will need a 3D printer to print it. This module fits on all of our marble machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Somodi Sándor
Printed on: Ender 3
Filaments used: ERYONE SILK PLA

Good as the others.

Calvin Gray
Printed on: Prusa MK3S+
Filaments used: ZIRO PLA
Module I skipped turns out to be a favorite.

I didn't buy this print file when it can out as I didn't think it was to great. I was very wrong and now it's one of my favorites.
I do have an IDEX (Artist D) but printed this on my Prusa MK3s.
This file and "Bridges" file are great for simple layer color changes that look nice and can easily be done in the Prusa slicer.
The dovetailed fitting on the bottom of the top plate (attachment to base) is especially nice.

Allan Murphy

Great to watch the marbles, very gd file and easy to print.

Good visual display

Easy print and assembly. Works well as the first module in the Two Wheel machine - the dumping of 4 marbles at a time adds to the visual excitement. Nice chunk-chunk-chunk noise as the marbles wind their way out of bottom of the run.

Tom Gray

I figured this was a reference to an old video game, Donkey Kong. I had never played it, but when I googled screen shots of the game I got the connection. Fit was better on this than on some other modules.