Skatepark Module

The marbles first go down the path towards the flip flop, where they can take two routes. First one takes them to the halfpipe, where they drop from the top of the ramp and roll down doing a couple of cool looking tricks!

The second path takes them through some stairs where they can slowly grind their way down!


You are buying digital STL file available to download immediately after purchasing. You will need a 3D printer (13*13*13cm) to print it. This module fits on all of our marble machines.


The files are in .3mf format. Upon request we can send you STL format. Read here why.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fiorito Maurilio
Printed on: Elegoo Neptune 2S
Filaments used: PLA
Nice but

Nice, nice with a problem. I believe because of the low weight of the marbles, they accumulate in the spiral descent and 2 spheres in contiguous planes prevent him from making the curve and descending.However, this is more common in modules with continuous flux of marbles.

Printed on: Prusa MK3S+
Filaments used: Duramic and Overture PETG
Very Pretty but Inconsistent

I really love the look of this module, and when it works it is a joy to watch. However, it is very finnicky to get going and even then usually doesn't stay functional for long. I wish I worked better since I really do love it!

Printed on: Prusa mk3s+
Filaments used: Smartmaterials reciclado rojo y gris
Muy bonito

Módulo muy bonito y elegante

Colin Gross
Printed on: Ender 3 Pro
Filaments used: PLA
A novel marble run

Printed without any problems and provides a different marble path to anything else that I have seen.

Somodi Sándor
Printed on: ender 3
Filaments used: eryone ultra silk

It doesn't work properly for me.