Out Of Marbles is out of marbles... Literally :) New hardware kits will come in April


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Bundle STL Package

This bundle contains digital instant download to all of our marble machines and modules STL files for a 15% reduced price. You cannot use discount codes on this bundle, because it is already discounted, except for NEW YEAR promotion!!! :)


You will also need to source Hardware, or purchase our ready to go Hardware Kits, so you don't have to worry about marbles, motors, etc... If you want to source your own hardware, look under hardware tab.


You will need a 3D printer to print with a minimum bed size of 200x200x200mm.


Bundle contains all STL files up to the moment when you purchased it. Any new releases will go in this bundle but the price also goes higher so you do not lose anything on buying now.

You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.


 The Bucket Lift | 1 Module | STL File
 The Double Screw | 2 Modules | STL File
 The Two Wheeler | 3 Modules | STL File
 The Bucket Tower | 2-7 Modules | STL File
 3 Funnels Module
 Brains Module
 Bridges Module
 Donkey King Module
 Loop The Loop Module
 Pachinko Module
 Ring Of Fire Module
 Spiralicious Module
 Triple Twister Module
 Vortex Module

Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed.


    Extensive assembly instructions can be found here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Printed on: CR-10s Pro V2
    Filaments used: PLA+
    New to printing

    As a 'newby' to printing i have so far found the process relatively easy and straight forward, the snags i have come across are my lack of experience, i look forward to completing the 'TBT' and see it working. Fantastic project, keep up the good work, have you considered developing a 'spiral lift/elevator' as another addition ?
    Cheers Roger

    Printed on: Snapmamer A350, M3D Crane Quad
    Filaments used: various PLA
    Awesome project

    My son and I ran across this and thought it looked cool. He has been after something like this to use his marbles he already had with. Was a bit disappointed when I printed the first piece and seen they were so small that nothing he already had would work. Had I read a little further before buying, we would have known that, but since weve finished one of the setups, he still loves it.
    Had quite the adventure getting these printed, but the majority of that is where I tried to use the Quad to add color patterns to the pieces and make it look neat. The color mix didnt work out like i hoped so had to reprint again in a single color on my other setup.
    The designs though are great, and will probably start printing another set of these shortly, once I do some more tuning on my printer to take care of a few of the smaller issues I had.

    Printed on: Prusa mk3s
    Filaments used: hatchbox
    Out of Marbles

    A project both fun to build and fun to watch...I had a few questions of the designer to which I got prompt and helpful responses

    Printed on: Prusa i3 Mk3s
    Filaments used: PLA
    A great attraction for young and old

    I am impressed by the quality of the design. Everything fits together perfectly. Hours of fun changing modules and watching them.
    There is just the exit of the Triple Twister where the marble may escape when it arrives too fast (descent from the left propeller) . You have to add extra filament with a 3D pen to avoid escapes.

    Printed on: Ender 3 Pro
    Filaments used: Inland PLA+
    A fantastic winter project

    My two year olds jaw dropped when he saw the video of this. It brings me so much joy building these sets for him to play with. He’s excited for the final hardware to arrive so we can turn it on for the first time. These models are beautifully designed and well worth the price