Tiny Five Steps | Mono | STL

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This is a manually operated marble machine where marbles go up the steps and return back down via the path. This one is ideal to give as a small gift! Or maybe you have little ones, and don't want them poking around your bigger marble machines, well then print them this one! Even if they break it, its only a 2 hours print :)


This is what I call, a mono marble machine. It will not connect with any of the modules from the rest of our offering. It is a standalone or in other words a mono marble machine.

It is a very small marble machine. I used this to test the lifting mechanism for the bigger machine, which will have more steps than just 5.
But in order to test it efficiently and not waste a lot of filament, I created this small version first. So why not publish it into the world?! :) 
After-all, my first ever designed marble machine "Marble Climber", was widely loved by everyone, especially kids.


Can I use differently sized marbles?

You can't really scale it up because then the tolerances between the steps will also scale.

You are NOT allowed to resell this in digital or 3D printed versions.


Length 70mm 
Width 35mm 
Height 70mm 
Marble Size 7.14mm | 9/32”
Motor /
Printing Time 2 Hours
Printer Bed Dimensions 70x70x70 mm
Filament Used
26g Primary & 8g Accent Color


Please see our help topic for the list of hardware needed. You only need the marbles from that list, since it is manually operated.


    It is very simple to put together.

    1. Insert the steps from below
    2. snap the bottom cover
    3. place the path in its place and glue it

    Customer Reviews

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    Gannier L Fulghum
    The Five step

    Awesome print. No problems at all. Thank you for sharing.

    Funny little machine

    So nice, for those boring calls during the day :-)