Commercial 3D Print License Agreement

Out Of Marbles is currently offering commercial licenses for printers and retailers, by arrangement only. A license authorizes you to sell 3D prints of our designs for profit.

The fee per year to sell the 3D prints:

- 1200$ for ALL marble machines
- 400$ for big size marble machine (Two Wheeler or Bucket Tower)
- 300$ for medium marble machine (Double Screw)
- 200$ for small marble machine (eg. Bucket Lift or Stairs or Twister)
- 100$ for mono marble machine

The rules of the license agreement:

- You choose one country to sell in.
- We offer a no royalty or fee arrangement.
- You must still purchase the designs.
- You may produce and sell physical prints via your shop / website / ebay store etc.
- You may set your own prices for selling prints.
- You may NOT resell STL / OBJ files.
- You may NOT create moulds and casts.
- You can not claim that the designs were designed by you.
- The term "Designed by Out Of Marbles" must be included in the description.
- You may freely use our product photographs from our website, including from our reviews.
- The licensing agreement between us may be canceled at any time, but in this case you lose the right to sell our works, even if you still have the files.
- We reserve the right to cancel the licensing agreement for users who break its rules.
- The number of active commercial licenses is strictly limited.
- You may NOT use Out Of Marbles digital files or 3d printed models as a part of a Kickstarter, Patreon, MyMiniFactory or other type of distributing or crowdfunding platforms;
- You may purchase our Hardware Kits at a wholesale price of 15€ per each.

We suggest that you download our free designs or better yet, download our best seller "The Two Wheeler" with some modules, assemble it and check out our design work. 

We are a family business that believes in integrity and transparency. If you are interested in this strategic partnership please fill out the form bellow.

Steps in Commercial Agreement application:

1. Submit this form.
2. We will review your website or business. 
3. We will send the legal Agreement/Contract for you to sign.
4. You email the signed Contract back.
5. Welcome Aboard!
6. We will offer support if needed.